Bay Area Invaded by Swarm of Killer Bees, More Bee Attacks Expected

'Africanized Kiler Bee'

Experts say that Bay Area may have just witnessed the first killer-bee attack since the Africanized species moved to the region.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT The warmer parts of the Bay Area should get prepared for more killer bee attacks as authorities are powerless in stopping the killer bee invasion which has recently reached Northern California. The exceedingly aggressive insects have already killed two dogs and left a Concord resident traumatized.

Experts say that the insects are unstoppable once they manage to colonize a location. Yet, the Africanized bees, which usually replace the endemic species everywhere in the wild, are not expected to bring pandemonium to California. South Americans now use the unusual bees to all sorts of pollination works and honey production. Beekeepers say that there is no difference in the taste of the two types of honey.

The killer bees bear this name due to their habit of attacking more aggressively when they feel threatened. Plus, they have stronger venom than traditional honeybees, but deaths are very rare and they usually involved confined animals.

Authorities are now waiting for the first DNA tests to confirm that the killer bees were behind the Concord area attack. If tests come positive, it would be the first killer-bee attack in the Bay Area. Experts say that the bees arrived in the region about two years ago.

As of Monday, the insects involved in the attack were not confirmed as killer bees. But bee experts and local beekeepers are sure that the Africanized insects were behind it. Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District announced that their laboratory analysis on three bees that were allegedly involved in the Concord attack did not detect any characteristics of Africanized killer bees in the dead insects.

The attack occurred May 14 when a swarm of aggressive bees attacked an amateur beekeeper’s hive, killed two dogs and stung several neighbors in a Concord neighborhood. A spokesperson for the Contra Costa district said that there wasn’t any evidence of a killer bee colony in Contra Costa, and DNA tests performed on 10 bees should confirm that.

Nevertheless, bee experts believe that killer bees have already settled in Northern California and they are impossible to eradicate. Plus, Californians should know this to stay away from attacks.

Eric Mussen, bee expert with UC Davis, acknowledged that there’s no way of stopping the bees from going wherever they want to. Mussen and his fellow researchers believe that the only solution is for California to domesticate the insects.

Experts explained that the bees have already removed European honeybees in Brazil and other countries due to their increased aggressiveness and resistance to pests and disease.

Image Source: Wikimedia