Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Hits High

Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Hits High

President Barack Obama is close to the end of his second and last term in office. The attention is now focused on the election and the two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Most people want to hear about what the next president has planned for his or her term, whichever the winner may be.

But even without being in the spotlight as much, Barack Obama seems to be doing well. The current president’s approval ratings are high, according to a recent poll.

The President’s Approval Rating Is High

A majority of people agree that Barack Obama is doing a good job. The president looks set to finish his last year in office on a wave of popularity. A new poll was released this Thursday, with positive numbers for Barack Obama. His approval ratings are at the highest point they’ve been during his entire second term. Although the numbers are not at an all-time high, it’s definitely a positive for the president to end his term with approval ratings this high.

In the last stretch of the election, Obama’s ratings could give the Democrats a boost. Although the numbers are related to the president’s job performance, the Democrats could benefit from the effects of the Obama administration doing well.

Barack Obama’s approval rating is at 55 percent. After his first year in office, the president has had approval ratings this high only two times. His approval rating is 10 points higher now than at the same time last year. Also, 56 percent of independent voters approve of the president’s job performance in this poll.

Barack Obama’s Popularity Used in the Campaign

Two years ago, Obama was for the most part absent on the campaign trail. Prospective and incumbent House members and senators stayed away. At that point, his approval rating was near the lowest point ever registered during his presidency.

Fast forward two years later and the tables have turned. Now he is helping Hillary Clinton, a candidate that doesn’t do well in terms of popularity. He is perhaps the best at getting in touch with young voters and minority voters. He helps energize voters in a way that Hillary Clinton simply can’t.

Jon Favreau worked as director of speechwriting for Barack Obama. He says that he can’t remember a time “when an incumbent president this popular campaigned this hard for his party’s nominee”

Steve Schale was campaign state director for Obama in Florida. He says that Barack Obama is “the most popular Democrat in the country”. He added that as the president’s term is coming towards its end, his popularity is only growing. Schale also said that “‘Elect Hillary to protect President Obama’s legacy’ is a very powerful message for Democrats”.

Andrew Dugan is an analyst for Gallup. He says that it is difficult to pinpoint why Barack Obama’s approval rating has risen recently. But that there are a number of possible explanations. One of them is the Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. His style and rhetoric are in stark contrast to Barack Obama. The comparison serves to make Obama look more statesmanlike and make him more popular.

Image source: The White House