Apple Wireless Headphones Hype at Tech Fair

Apple Wireless Headphones Hype at Tech Fair

There is a technology trade show in Germany this September. And the buzz is about Apple wireless headphones. The IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. It takes place from September 2 to 7, 2016 in Berlin.

The IFA presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s very important regional market. It offers a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracts the attention of trade visitors each year from more than 100 countries. IFA is the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry and the media.

Wireless Headphones Are Finally Here

There are so many tech companies at the IFA that trends start to emerge. Conversations and small talk start to converge towards certain topics. And before you know it everybody’s talking about certain products or new technological developments. That is what we can call hype. The hype among manufacturers this September in Berlin seemed to be about wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones are not new. The technology has been around for quite some time, yet the quality of the sound has never managed to successfully attract consumers. Glitches in the audio connection and a short battery life meant they weren’t readily adopted. Also, the price didn’t make them exactly affordable.

However, this years’ trade show was all about wireless when it came to audio. “3.5mm isn’t dead, but there are new technologies to move towards,” said Damien McGrath, regional director for UK and Ireland at Libratone.

Libratone has announced the release of two sets of Q Adapt headphones, a Lightning pair and a wireless pair. Other companies announced wireless headphones of their own. Sony came out with the noise-cancelling, wireless MDR-1000X. Monster has three new iSport wireless earbuds for the gym. At IFA 2016, the Griffin iTrip Clip is back. It is now a Bluetooth dongle with a 3.5mm jack that turns any headphones into wireless headphones.

Apple Generated The Most Interest

Apple wireless headphones were the talk of the town in Berlin. And Apple wasn’t even present at the trade show. The company passed on the IFA. But people were talking about it regardless.

Apple hasn’t even announced its plans yet. However, speculation about the next iPhone that will appear on 7 September leads the conversation to wireless headphones. Apple’s Lightning connection and no traditional 3.5mm headphone jack leads everybody to say that wireless is what’s in the future for Apple.

And Apple isn’t the only one going wireless. Motorola also chose to not integrate a 3.5mm jack into the new Moto Z phone.

The fact that Apple has decided to say good-bye to the 3.5mm headphone jack doesn’t mean the end of standard headphones. Manufacturers will still make 3.5mm headphones for the iPhones with traditional jacks and also for Android devices. Nevermind other types of audio equipment. Wireless headphones will come with a spare 3.5mm cable just in case. So it’s not over for standard 3.5mm jack headphones. You will still be able to buy them at your local audio store for a long time to come.


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