America’s Immigration Debate


America’s got an immigration problem bigger than ever.

America’s got an immigration debate bigger than ever. The immigration laws that the country has in place are controversial, from both parties’ points of view. The Supreme Court deadlock of 4-4 in the case of US VS Texas has shown just how big that controversy is.

The Obama administration would like a milder version of the law, to pardon millions of illegal immigrants, however Republicans oppose such interpretations.

Opponents of a more open attitude towards immigrants say that these people are a burden on the Social Benefits and Health system. Many of them don’t speak English properly and the country feels flooded with immigrants.

These Immigration Laws can be used to deport immigrants back to the country they came from. However many feel that this would be unfair for undocumented parents of American–born kids.

Throughout US history, some categories of people were banned from entering America, others were deported, on grounds of prostitution, drug dealing, anarchy, or even communism.

Now, the deadlock could encourage Obama to deport 4 million people , mostly Mexican-born. However, there is increased pressure on the President to pardon these people.

So far, the Obama administration deported around 2.5 million people. He ensured support from both Republican and Democrat sides of the Congress for such a measure.

Thousands of undocumented immigrants have worries that the information provided for a former “Dreamers Program” could be used to get them out of the States. The program was supposed to help children of undocumented immigrants, and their parents were asked to share personal data, which now could turn against them.

Now, undocumented immigrants across America feel their time on American land is up. With the recent deadlock in the Supreme court, Obama may have to deport a further 4 million people.

The “deferred action” program, also put forward by Obama, acted as a massive amnesty for illegal immigrants, who were parents of US born children, or for illegal immigrants who came to the country before turning 16 years old. The program reportedly saved a few thousand immigrants from deportation.

This immigration debate is also a constitutional one, as the Supreme Court has the last word on the initiative of enforcing or not enforcing the Immigration Laws.

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