Alcohol Ultimately Not Good For You

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Apparently, recent studies contradict earlier research that alcohol is good for health.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Apparently, recent studies contradict earlier research that alcohol is good for health. Alcohol is ultimately not good for you. An Otago University professor of epidemiology calls out on “outrageous” government claims that alcohol has benefits for public health.  She also expressed the belief that alcohol is a poison which leads to addiction.

The Otago professor asked for the Health Ministry to remove a suggestion that a glass of alcohol a day could be beneficial to heart health from the Ministry’s website.

Professor Jennie Connor has produced a paper on alcohol, published in the Addiction journal. The conclusions are opposite to previous studies. Even a glass a day can lead to dangerous diseases like cancer. There is no tolerable level of alcohol intake when it comes to cancer. According to the professor who conducted the study, the evidence suggests the exact opposite.

Confirmations that drinking only a small quantity of alcohol leads to reduced heart disease were based on little evidence and flawed. There’s a strong possibility it is a complete error, according to Connor. She also believes that alcohol producers were behind the benefits of alcohol consumption idea, to change how the public looks at health.

Connor says there should not be a public consensus on drinking. Even if there are some perks for the drinker, on the whole, it’s worse than simply not drinking. This is because it causes addiction.

Those who drink even limited amounts of alcohol expose themselves to cancer and trade heart health for other diseases that are just as worse.

Chief medical officer Dr. Andrew Simpson, fro the Ministry of Health, re-stated the recommendations that moderate alcohol consumption is ok for some middle-aged and older people.

But those who don’t already drink should not start drinking for the sake of health benefits. These may have been overestimated in early research. There are some possible benefits, but there are also risks of cancers, cirrhosis, and other diseases.

The review showed that even low alcohol consumption poses a potential threat to health, especially in those who smoke. Apparently, alcohol aggravated the effects of smoking.

The study did not prove alcohol was the only cause of these cancers, but it did show that it worsened the overall effect. Alcohol accounted for hundreds of thousands of deaths in 2012, according to the study. The latest one shows it’s not good for you.

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