The Mousey Situation in Your Burgers

"The Mousey Situation in Your Burgers"

A recent analysis of many samples of burgers has unraveled that we might be into eating rats.

BACON TRANSCRIPT – Let’s talk about the mousey situation in your burgers, as researchers discovered some unpleasant facts. A recent analysis of many samples of burgers has unraveled that we might be into eating rats. More surprisingly, it also appears that we’re cannibals. Are you feeling a lot like Hannibal now?

Clear Labs tested 258 samples of meat burgers, frozen burger patties and vegetarian burgers. The products came from 79 companies and 22 merchandisers. The goal of the project was to determine if our food actually contains the ingredients listed on the packaging. Through high-tech technology, researchers looked for possible contamination, toxic fungi, allergens, ingredients that are missing and gluten. Researchers also examined the samples to see if they provide the nutrients written on the label.

The results of the “Hamburger Report” revealed an unsettling truth for both meat-lover and veggie-lovers. If you are a vegetarian, you should know that it is highly possible that you’ve been “contaminated” with the meat you try to avoid. In two cases, researchers found meat in your veggie burgers.

Hungry for some black beans burger? You might be unlucky enough to search for missing beans. In one case, no black beans were found in a product that should’ve contained the vegetable.

How fond are you of rats? There’s a mousey situation in your burgers. Researchers found that you might have gotten more close to the furry creatures than you would’ve wanted. Except if you’re into eating rats, of course. In three cases, rat DNA was found in the tested products. Although unpleasant to know, you don’t need to worry, as it is not considered harmful to your health.

Researchers also found human DNA in the food. Only one product was contaminated. It was also not considered to be harmful. But it is still disturbing to know that we might have ingested a human ingredient.

Clear Labs found great discrepancies between the actual ingredients in the products and those listed on the labels. In the case of the vegetarian products, 23.6 percent of the samples were wrongly labeled. Hygienic issues, substitution of ingredients and pathogenic contamination were found in 13.6 percent of the analyzed products. In 6.6 percent of the samples, different types of meat and rye and sunchoke were found in burgers that shouldn’t have contained such ingredients. As for hygienic problems, the incidence was lower. Only 1.6 percent of the samples were contaminated.

Although the report surfaced yet more problems of the food industry, you should know that no evidence that the products are health-threatening was found. But just to make sure that you won’t have to deal with a mousey situation in your burgers, it might be best to make the patties yourself.