Mexican-Flag-Wielding Protesters Clash with Trump Supporters in CA

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTAfter Donald Trump’s rally in San Jose, Calif., on June 2, anti-Trump protesters started harassing Trump’s camp and had dozens of violent outbursts.

Witnesses recall that the protesters vandalized cars, stole clothing items bearing the “Make America Great Again” slogan from Trump endorsers and set the items ablaze. Reportedly some of the vandals had Mexican flags, which they were proudly waving while the other camp shouted at them to get back to Mexico.

One of the violent protesters hit a Trump supporter with an egg, while dozen others were assaulted and harassed. In the end, at least four individuals were taken into custody after they clashed with the law enforcement. One police officer had minor injuries.

The presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president who described the rioters as “thugs” said he did everything he could to prevent the incident outside the rally. Trump’s rallies are often coupled with protests but so far most of them were peaceful.

Yet, when violence is involved both political sides blame each other for the incidents. On Friday, the Democratic Mayor Sam Liccardo, who is also a Hillary Clinton supporter, said that Trump had to take responsibility for his irresponsible campaign.

In response, GOP blasted Hillary Clinton for tolerating violence inside her camp. The same accusation was thrown at Donald Trump after his fans had assaulted protesters in previous rallies.

Sean Spicer of the Republican party tweeted Friday that anti-Trump protesters sank so low as to burn the U.S. flag and vandalize public property. And Clinton had no reaction.

Clinton’s campaign replied and condemned violence on either side. Staffers also posted a short clip of an anti-Trump protester being physically assaulted. But Clinton has yet to say a word about the violent outbursts of her supporters.

Instead, on Friday she delivered a speech to hundreds of female supporters at West Los Angeles College. Later that day, she  condemned violence in the “political arena.”

Yet, she couldn’t help blaming Trump for creating “an environment” that incites to hate and violence. She noted that there are many people who disagree with Trump but they were also appalled by the violence at his Silicon Valley rally.

Protesters included union members, pro-immigrants and unaffiliated persons. The South Bay Labor Council, which organized a separate, peaceful protest ahead of the rally, is very disappointed that people show more interest in the disruptions of a small part of the left wing camp, rather in Trump’s “divisive and hateful” rhetoric.

Image Source: Flickr